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Produce your corporate content more efficiently! The Studio offers audio, video and photo packages that provide unique ways to enhance your corporate image!

Media Contractors

Skilled audio, video and photo artists in The Sea To Sky & Lower Mainland can apply for a WMN Studio “Contractors Pass” to make their studio projects more affordable.


We offer the tools to make professional audio, video & photo content! Live music & performance videos, audio recording, EPKs, private photo shoots, interviews & more…

The Community

The Studio offers the various sets & equipment to get your idea off the ground! Cooking shows, talk shows, game shows, news programs…Get your cast together and start your show today!

Live Video Production

We are a community production facility offers various packages for all types of productions. Whether you need help developing creative content for your website or want to start your own webseries, there is something here for everyone!

The Comedy Wall

Here the project creator had an idea to start a comedy series. With a brick wall in mind, we green screened an actor into a commercial he could use to start promoting his series!

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We offer the space, the tools and the production network to bring your ideas to life!
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