Emily Molloy


Aude Ray

Aude Ray

Luc Roach

Luc roach

Marcus Ramsay

Marcus Ramsay

Braden Dupuis


Jon Palmer


JennaMae Togado

Jenna Mae

Jon Shrier


Animal Nation


Poor Dirty Sylvia

Sean Rose PDS

Genevieve Walden


Love Revolution

Love Revolution

Dan Falloon

Dan Faloon

Pete Catastrophe

Pete C

Laura Nedelak


Michael Faiella

Mike Faiella

Jim Webb


Craft Singles Season represents our community of musicians sharing an original piece of art with all of us.  This started as a chance for Monty Biggins, Matchu and Steve Clark at WMN Studio, to connect with the community of musicians in the Sea to Sky corridor of BC, Canada.  What came about was a simple setup, capturing the raw performance of an original song. Craft Singles represents the journey of these artists!  Celebrate in the original offerings that find their inspiration on the west coast of Canada.

Season 2 will be bolder, and brighter with our new Junction Stage setup and HD cinema cameras.