This comedy series is an on-going celebration of the funny people in our lives.  Members of our community in the Sea to Sky and Lower Mainland of BC, have jokes to tell.  We invite you to stop by the studio to share your jokes!

The show is a WMN Studio project from the office team, Monty Biggins, Samwise and Steve Clark.

Craft Singles is a pilot series to offer a new advertisement stream to local businesses.  It is where our community can find opportunity to nurture the arts while growing our local businesses together.  Artvertising is the future.

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“There’s nothing better than a good laugh. We’ve opened our stage to the community to share their jokes!”

Steve Clark, Executive Producer & Founder of WMN Studio

“I wanted to showcase the funny people of my town.  Comedy is such a wonderful art form, and everyone can have a joke to tell!”

Monty Biggins, Show Creator & Audio Wizard

“What a wonderful way to connect with a community!  A fun way to introduce comedy to our town!”

– Sam Wise O’Leshire, Computer Genius & Visual Gangsta