WMN Studio

The Community Studio Project

Beta Studio - Whistler 2009

Hosted more than 30 artists

But behind the scenes...

Studio receives grant!

The Radio App was completed!

Next, an online radio station

Over 25 live shows per week!

Then the money run dry...

so we had to move out!

A few months later

New local restaurant opens

and offers us their wine room?

So, it became our radio booth!


the restaurant closed

and we had to move out!

Hmm...what next?

We needed a warehouse!

So we found one!

WMN Studio1 was underway...

Laying the booth floors

Pimp glass doors

It started coming together!

Custom Mixing Room desk

Professional acoustic panelling

Recording booths complete!

Photo Cyc Complete

'Junction Hall' stage complete!

So, what do we do here?

Audio Recording Workshops

Video Shoots

Music Webseries

Music Recordings


If you didn't know,

Now you know!

About WMN

The WMN community studio project was built to empower artists and those looking for a creative outlet! It’s all about collaboration! The studio offers the space, gear and production staff to bring ideas to life!

More Info

If you want more information about the WMN Studio, our programs, or creating a custom booking, please call or email us to get started. Phone: 1+604-935-0884 Email: info@wmnstudio.com

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